I am primarily a Fantasy author – who also writes Science Fiction and Horror – with a sci-fi short story and three published novels in a 4-part Epic Fantasy tetralogy available on Smashwords (short story only),  Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, with my hubby and two cats, as cheeky as any children for the moment while we work on making our own! As dancing was once my passion now writing has taken its place: My body may have given in but my mind is as creative and in love with storytelling as ever!

The Sword Bearers begins the tale of Khyri Vindor’hien, the Sword Bearer of the Sword of Heaven, a powerful weapon that can destroy entire worlds. Khyri – later known as KC in the story to protect her identity – has to endure many hardships and cruel lessons about who she is and what is expected of her. The problem, however, is that she doesn’t want the immense responsibility that is her destiny, and never did. Now forced to be Cai’rin (queen) of Theras – a planet invaded and nearly completely destroyed by an Arch Demon called Drakoor s’et – after her mother is murdered by the demon, she has to learn to use the Sword of Heaven if she wants to protect and save those she loves, and return to her beloved home-world that she is forced to flee in Book 1 when the demon comes after her, looking for the Sword and with it her soul. He seeks to annihilate the galaxy and set his demon-brethren free from the Void – a dark, eternal prison where Kurrn, the Creator-God, locked them away when they rebelled against Him eons before. Drakoor needs the Sword of Heaven to open the Gates of Hediss and release his brethren and his master, Iionn, who wants to rule as God in Kurrn’s place.

The Sword Bearer’s Journey continues the great and dangerous adventure into N’varda, a galaxy inhabited by the very mortals Drakoor s’et hates and wants to destroy. Here KC meets her uncle for the first time and learns of the Alliance, a powerful conglomerate of Territories that have banded together to fight Drakoor and his increasingly growing forces across the galaxy. She finds a way to aid the Alliance in disguise, and soon things begin heating up when Drakoor finally discovers where she is hiding.

The chase ensues (in the waking world and in her dreams where the demon’s power is strongest), and many planets and races – alien and u’man – suffer the demon’s wrath as KC avoids and defies him at every turn.

But she understands that the only way to defeat the Arch Demon is to one day face him, and so she begins to prepare for the Final Battle that will decide not only her fate but the fate of every living thing in the Universe. And as she prepares herself, she faces more hardship and heartbreak and has to battle her mind and heart just as much as she does the demon!

Cover for Book 3

The Sword Bearer’s Awakening sees great upheaval in the life of KC and her family, and also in N’varda. The war is escalating, and while she struggles to come to terms with her circumstances she understands the need to prepare for the confrontation with her terrible enemy, Drakoor s’et.

KC had never experienced such agonising loss before, not even when she lost everything to the demon on her home-world, Theras, five years ago.

Driven into the darkness of emotional torment and despair, KC, the Sword Bearer, slowly struggles up towards the light to try find a way to continue on with her life after losing the one person who made it possible.

But her lust for revenge may yet undo her – and if she succumbs to it and loses sight of who she is, then the entire Universe may forever fall into the claws of Drakoor s’et, arch demon and destroyer of worlds!


The Door Cover KB

My Sci-Fi short story titled ‘The Door’ is available now. Here is the synopsis:

During a desert excavation in a foreign land an astounding discovery is made that changes the future of mankind forever.

The Deceivers have one goal in mind: to rule the world, and now they’ve discovered the means to do so. Their endless resources, and immense political clout, make them the most powerful group on the planet and they will do anything to make sure it stays that way, even murdering men, women, and children in the name of science.

Fortunately for mankind there are people who believe in the continuance of everything good and fair and in the importance of protecting all fragile life, and when they discover the evil plans of The Deceivers they come together and design a plan to counter these diabolical men and women, who have in their possession something that could lead man into the next level of their evolution, something alien and vastly intelligent, something very much alive! But what they possess is more dangerous and destructive than they could ever have imagined, and when their experiments go horribly wrong the entire world begins to suffer horribly.

Desperate to find a solution, a Boy and a Girl and a group called The Scientists battle everyday to find a way to reverse the damage done by The Deceivers’ arrogance, and when their despair is at its worst a miracle presents itself.

The Door not only exposes the evil mankind is capable of but also the compassion, love, and determination to preserve all life and appreciate every moment of it. Life is short, and it’s our responsibility to make sure we do as much as we can in the time we have to live it to the full – even if that means sacrificing everything to make sure others get a chance to continue on. History teaches us where we went wrong and where we succeeded. Isn’t it time we listened?

Please feel free to leave comments and share your work and experiences, thoughts and opinions 🙂

  1. Love your Monique! Following all of your sites! Love ya! ❤


  2. great cover work, Monique! Your library is shaping up nicely!


  3. Thanks so much, Karen! I just realised I haven’t uploaded my short story with the pic and updated this page yet! Oops!! Thanks for commenting and reminding me 🙂 Love your blogs, by the way!!!


  4. So impressed Monique! Never knew that you has written books. Very inspiring as I want to also write my own recipe books but get overwhelmed by where to start! Well done 🙂


    • Thanks, Deirdre! It’s not that hard when you’re a creative person like yourself. Take it one step (recipe) at a time. If you want any help, ideas, or suggestions just ask 🙂


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