Cover Reveal for The Sword Bearer’s Awakening: Book 3!

Cover for Book 3

Yay!! Here it is! The gorgeous cover for Book 3 in my tetralogy, The Sword Bearer’s Awakening! I am thrilled to share it with you guys. My publisher has been given the go-ahead from me – after scrutinising the final galleys etc for hours! – to release the ebook and printed versions (paperback and hard cover), and they should be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble (go check out my product pages) within four to six weeks! I will let you know the moment they become available for purchase.

I’d love to hear your comments about the cover so please feel free to do so. Here’s a short synopsis for Book 3:

“She’d never experienced such agonising loss before, not even when she lost everything to the demon on her home-world, Theras, five years ago.

Driven into the darkness of emotional torment and despair, KC, the Sword Bearer, slowly struggles up towards the light to try find a way to continue on with her life after losing the one person who made it possible.

But her lust for revenge may yet undo her – and if she succumbs to it and loses sight of who she is, then the entire Universe may forever fall into the claws of Drakoor s’et, arch demon and destroyer of worlds!

Happy weekend, everyone!


About SwordBearer

I am a fantasy and science fiction author. I have published three epic fantasy novels in a tetralogy with Xlibris Publishing, and a sci-fi short story, The Door. All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online retailers. The Door is also available on Smashwords. I love reading everything from King to Koontz, Cussler to Brooks and Feist, to name but a few. Before writing became my life I was a professional ballet, jazz/contemporary dancer in South Africa. Writing and storytelling have always been passions since childhood, and I want to share them with the world!!

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