Things I Discovered and Experienced This Week You Might Also Like

Another crazy week is coming to a close and I’m hitting these keys at a furious rate trying to get my blog out to you on time! Seems the days are getting shorter and time for my favourite thing to do is being eaten up by work and other commitments! This always sucks because there isn’t anything better, of course, than WRITING!!!

The third book in my Fantasy series is coming along nicely (The Sword Bearer’s Awakening), and should be available before Christmas. I’m sharing this fab news because it links in nicely to the first thing I learned this week that made me do many happy dances throughout the week whenever I thought about it. It is the first of many wonderful things I want to share with you, so let me begin:

1) The Sword Bearers: Book 1 and The Sword Bearer’s Journey: Book 2 both received 5-star reviews on Amazon this week!! Book 1 has already received a 4-star rating on Goodreads but these reviews were my first true ‘outside’ reviews and that makes it even more special and thrilling! Click on the book titles to read the reviews.

2) I recently read about the horrible situation where a blogger got sued for using a copyrighted pic/s in her blog! This was rather scary, as I’m sure you’ll agree, but I read a blog by one of my favourite bloggers about a site where bloggers can get FREE pics to use on their blogs as long as the artists/photographers are given recognition. The site is called WANA Commons and the blog was written by Kristen Lamb (she’s on my blogroll). I highly recommend Kristen’s blog: she is funny and very informative and the founder of WANA International, a company that supports writers in many various ways and helps them become better at their craft. (WANA stands for: We Are Never Alone.)

3) I belong to a fabulous group on Facebook called Authors, Reviewers, & Book Lovers where authors go to meet each other and promote their books and make friends and get support. A few ways we do this is to start streams with different topics. For example, I started a stream called “The Amazing Amazon ‘Like’ Stream”. Everyone posted their Amazon book links and then we all went on over to Like and Tag each other’s books! Apparently once you hit 50 likes on Amazon then they market your book for you! It was a wonderful event and many first time authors got the attention they sorely needed and their presence on Amazon increased!

I also started an Author Page Like stream and we all got to increase our FB Page Likes!

We will be doing this for Twitter (we follow each other), Pinterest (we follow and pin our books onto each other’s boards), blogs (follow/subscribe), and for whatever else takes our fancy! It’s a great way to get known by the big wide world out there and for our books to get seen! So, please come join us!

Minions from Despicable Me

4) Hubby and I went to see the movie Brave and we loved it! But before the movie started we got to see the trailer for the sequel to one of our all-time favourite movies: Despicable Me. I absolutely HAD to share this clip with you. I believe I almost wet myself I laughed so hard the first time I saw it (I’ve watched it like a gazillion times since then and it still gets me hysterical every time)!

5) I discovered that Anthony Hopkins, one of my favourite actors of all time, is a very wise man!



6) I rediscovered that I live in the most awesome country weather-wise where it can snow on a Tuesday and the following Wednesday I can walk around in a T-shirt it’s so warm!!

7) I met the most generous, awesome people online that did things for me that I never expected and that I never asked for, like promote my books and Author Page and me. Here are those people and links to their pages and sites if you, too, want to experience the love:

The Independent Paperback Gift Shop (Mark/Wiz Green – see the incredible feature they did on me here) – this page will promote you and your work.

Books Direct (Lynda Dickson) – this page will also promote you and your work

Christine Walden (my first true online friend. Her generous spirit and open heart are as yet unmatched!)

Kevin Rau (he did my first ever author interview)

RaeBeth McGee (another interview and upcoming review for Book 1)

DVW Book Club (Dave and Sally – also promoted my books generously)

8) Oh, and last but not least I discovered (from real poets) that my poetry is actually quite good! My post titled ‘Rest Weary Spirit, Reignite Your Fiery Heart – A Contemplation’ got a few likes and pingbacks. Go read the poem here!

I hope you also had an exciting, full week and met new friends and sold books! Come visit my FB Author Page and promote your work there and meet my friends! I know they want to meet you, too!

Have an awesome week, y’all!!


About SwordBearer

I am a fantasy and science fiction author. I have published three epic fantasy novels in a tetralogy with Xlibris Publishing, and a sci-fi short story, The Door. All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online retailers. The Door is also available on Smashwords. I love reading everything from King to Koontz, Cussler to Brooks and Feist, to name but a few. Before writing became my life I was a professional ballet, jazz/contemporary dancer in South Africa. Writing and storytelling have always been passions since childhood, and I want to share them with the world!!

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  1. Hi, I check your blogs like every week. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the good work!


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