Don’t Despise the Day of Small Beginnings! A Bio with a Difference.

Stephen King, American author best known for h...

Stephen King, American author best known for his enormously popular horror novels. King was the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation's Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Taken at the 2007 New York Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve had the privilege in my short time of being an author to meet wonderful, generous, unselfish people in the writing industry who have made my journey very precious and memorable. (Author, Blogger Richard Robinson is one such person!)

One of the wisest quotes I’ve ever heard, and some of the best advice, too, is this: “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.” This is very true for me. I come from a different world – not so different from a creative aspect but a world that requires no language to convey its beauty, love, tragedy, hatred, anger, struggles, wars, pain, suffering, loss, etc, all visually portrayed through the art of dance! When my successful professional dance career came to a close my childhood passion to tell stories, holding friends and family enthralled for hours, resurfaced (or rather, with dance taking a back seat it made its reacquaintance), and I sat down one day and decided to finally write the story that has been growing inside me since its inception in 1978. This fantasy series is my first, and through my characters and the incredible adventures they have, it fully expresses the emotional and mental evolution of my turbulent teenage years into young adulthood, and then into marriage with a man who believes in me like no one else. But now I was faced with an entirely different world, a world of words!!

As a dancer and choreographer everything is visual, so I began this new adventure thinking in pictures and had to train myself to convey it successfully onto paper. I can’t lie – it was hard! But as I relearned the art of creating with words, and as I read – a lot! – it became easier and easier to express myself, and soon my hands were flying across the keyboard and, quite simply, I allowed my heart and soul to express themselves as they saw fit. It became easier, less sluggish and frustrating, but I had to commit fully, give of myself fully, for the magic to happen!

This post (and this blog) is not only about my humble beginnings, but about encouraging and inspiring others to allow themselves the freedom to express their hearts, to give them the inspiration to believe that with a little dedication and a willingness to learn and keep learning (most important) it doesn’t matter how small you start, just so long as you do! As writers we all have stories roiling around inside us – unique, beautiful, breathtaking (even scary!) adventures across time and space – and no matter your origins please, my friends, just begin your journey! There are readers out there waiting for that one story that will change their lives, give them hope, and encourage them to be the amazing, talented people they truly are, telling them it’s okay to believe in themselves. And so the cycle continues.

Wonderful advice from author Stephen King is: Read a lot and write a lot! (Paraphrased) Learn from the brilliance and experience of others – from writing tips and advice to some of the ‘superstar’ authors out there! But please don’t look at another’s success and wallow in self-doubt for you were not created inferior to anyone else. We are all very, very different from each other and that’s why YOUR story will be like nothing the world has ever seen before!

Strive for excellence, and remember: you never stop learning! I learned many things from writing Book 1: The Sword Bearer that I applied in Book 2: The Sword Bearer’s Journey, and while writing Book 2 I learned many new skills I wish I could have used in Book 1. But the goal is to grow, to become better and better with every book, article, short story, blog you write.

If creating with words is your passion (and creating is what every human being is born to do) then please, don’t stop writing!

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About SwordBearer

I am a fantasy and science fiction author. I have published three epic fantasy novels in a tetralogy with Xlibris Publishing, and a sci-fi short story, The Door. All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online retailers. The Door is also available on Smashwords. I love reading everything from King to Koontz, Cussler to Brooks and Feist, to name but a few. Before writing became my life I was a professional ballet, jazz/contemporary dancer in South Africa. Writing and storytelling have always been passions since childhood, and I want to share them with the world!!

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