When Hanging in There Pays Off!

I just recently experienced a major shift in my life that has inspired me to believe in what I’m doing: Hanging in there!

As a first time author coming from a completely different field (professional ballet, jazz, contemporary dancer) I frequently – actually daily – asked myself if I knew what I was doing and if I believed in myself enough to make it happen. But when my book was finally published and out there in the world for all to see, when even a few people read it and loved it, when I got my first interview and realised that all my hard work has actually paid off, then I understood the power of belief in myself and in the talent and abilities I have – new and different as they may be!

The interviewer asked me where my stories and ideas come from, but as any writer will tell you . . . well, as any creator of any kind will tell you, it’s inexplicable. It’s part of the soul, the heart, the spirit, and it comes when you need it and when you least expect it, in ways that defies logic, rational thought, and scientific proof. To me it reveals that there is a God, a Higher Power delivering a divine creative ability to us mortal beings that boggles the mind and never fails to make the heart soar!

Believing is having faith – that thing that cannot be explained; and when you have faith in faith then, oh my, watch your world, your very existence, change forever! It may take a little time, or it may happen quickly: just be ready!

So, newbies, don’t give up, don’t doubt, just trust in that deepest part of you that’s telling you every second of every day that what you’re doing is worth it and will change not only your life but the lives of everyone who reads what you’ve created.


About SwordBearer

I am a fantasy and science fiction author. I have published three epic fantasy novels in a tetralogy with Xlibris Publishing, and a sci-fi short story, The Door. All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online retailers. The Door is also available on Smashwords. I love reading everything from King to Koontz, Cussler to Brooks and Feist, to name but a few. Before writing became my life I was a professional ballet, jazz/contemporary dancer in South Africa. Writing and storytelling have always been passions since childhood, and I want to share them with the world!!

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